Susan Sherwood Parr is a Bible teacher, author of 21 books, owner of Word Productions publishing company, and President and founder of Life to the World Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit missions-educational organization for the military and critically ill and sick children.

Loving God’s Word (knowing there is life and healing in HIS Holy Word) and thrilled by the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls and how God’s actual texts had been found [in 2021 they found more], Susan went on to continue her college studies.  First, a BA in Biblical Studies, and in 2021 her MA in Archaeology and Biblical History.

Her prayer book Battlefield Prayers has been distributed to approximately 50,000 military in over 9 countries through the Pentagon, CENTCOM, West Point, Naval Chaplain School, and in many countries. She also produced the APPS: Peace for Veterans; Battlefield Prayers; Wounded Heroes; Prayer Workshop, and more.

 Her best advice: “Put the Lord first in all things, spend time with HIM each day.  As Psalm 91 teaches us, “Dwell in the secret place.” IF YOU dwell in HIS SECRET PLACE [a place of prayer], only then you can ask of the Lord the promises in Ps. 91 for those “who dwell in the secret place of the Lord.”

Singer, songwriter, and member of ASCAP, her Album is a gift to download here.  The album, when first released as “Prayin’ for You,” aired on national Family Life Radio stations and in Australia. It is available to view on YouTube and was copyrighted in its original album form by Itty Ditty Music [at that time a division of Word Productions], and manufactured by Christian World.

Children’s Books:
Her book Christopher’s Adventures: A Prayer on Angel Wings is in 12 countries and is used to teach children to pray scripturally in a rhyming adventure. Another in the series is Christopher’s Adventures: Chris Visits the Hospital.  The kids who are critically ill and sick find out that GOD LOVES THEM!  And finally…Christopher’s Adventures: The Rescue Mission where he rescues kids used in trafficking!