Endorsements by Andrew Carroll, Lenya Heitzig, Tammie Bonnette Judd, and Martha Speaksman:

“As an educator, I thoroughly loved Getting Contrary Out of Mary. It inspires women to look beyond their feelings and helps them aspire to be something more.  As a mother, I loved the book for the way it speaks the truth of the Word into the very heart and emotions of those who read it!”
—Tammie Judd,  Bible teacher,  Author, National Speaker, Owner/Operator of Four Women’s Fitness Facilities

“Susan Parr brings a practical approach, centered on biblical principles, to
address one of the most basic issues that plague our human condition. She
confirms that the core issues can only be resolved with spiritual solutions and God’s grace!”
—Martha Speakman, Certified Church Consultant, Speaker, Women’s Ministry Worship Leader & Consultant

“7 Steps Out of the Humpty Dumps is a book with tremendous heart and soul. Specific steps and viable solutions to overcoming problems are presented in such a compassionate and inspiring way that you feel like the words are coming from a beloved friend.”
—Andrew Carroll, best-selling author
Editor of Grace Under Fire (Doubleday/WaterBrook)

“Susan teaches in a concise and practical way to “get up and out of the dumps” without letting the past, the present, or the enemy scare you. This book transforms the Christian walk into a doable joy, hand in hand with the King.”
—Lenya Heitzig, Author and Bible Teacher

“Susan Sherwood Parr has done a wonderful job of helping us recognize the brokenness in each of our lives. With simplicity and wisdom, she takes a simple child’s rhyme and leads us down a road where we find healing and grace.”
—George J. Arnold, Compassion International

“7 Steps Out Of The Humpty Dumps is a practical, step-by-step approach to dealing with painful situations in our life.  Susan combines Biblical wisdom with personal experience to lead us to the only One who can truly put our broken lives together again…Jesus.”
—Holland Davis,  President Worship Life, Inc.,  Winner of ASCAP Most Played song of 2007: “Let It Rise.”