Susan Sherwood Parr is a national Bridge-Logos author and Bible teacher and founder and president of Life to the World Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit missions educational organization spreading the Gospel internationally. She also founder of Word Productions LLC.

Books of comfort have been distributed through the Pentagon, Centcom, at West Point, the Naval Chaplain School, and many countries. Peace on the Homefront: Peace for Veterans and more are available online internationally.


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Prayer Ministry:
This ministry is about providing resources to teach others to pray for results that are life-changing; circumstance-changing! Prayer teaching is in the new 2015 release: Prayer which is available on NEW APPS: Prayer workshop; Prayer for Refreshing; Women’s Rescue Kit; Teen Rescue Kit; Men’s Rescue Kit are available for iPhone and Android!  

Children’s Ministry:
Her book Christopher’s Adventures: A Prayer on Angel Wings is in 12 countries and is used to teach children to pray scripturally in a rhyming adventure. Another in the series is Christopher’s Adventures: Chris Visits the Hospital. THE kids who are critically ill and sick find out that GOD LOVES THEM!  The newest is Christopher’s Adventures: The Rescue Mission where he rescues kids used in trafficking!

People are also using the Christopher book for ESL, and fortunately are blessed to learn how to pray scripturally while they learn English!

Military Ministry:
Her books of prayer and comfort have been distributed through the Pentagon Chaplain’s office and CENTCOM.